The successful career of Sebastián Carvajal: one of the most beloved actors in Ana de Nadie


sebastian carvajal He became one of the most recognized actors by all Colombians, who enjoy each of the characters he plays.

The last production in which he appears is Anne of Nobody, which has half of Colombia pending every night to find out what happens with their favorite characters in the soap opera. One of them is Joaquin Cortesplayed by Sebastián Carvajal.

In the novel, Cortés is a renowned journalist, who by fate ended up iInvestigating the tender for Horacio’s company, where he met Ana -played by Paola Turbay– who immediately caught his eye.

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Over the days, more has been learned about this character who is one of the most beloved soap operas and steals hundreds of sighs from some fans who are delighted with him and his performance.

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