The State will have a 66% participation in the project trust in Pedernales

The State will have a 66% participation in the project trust in Pedernales

The executive director of the General Directorate of Public Private Partnerships (Dgapp), Sigmund Freund, pointed out that the State will have a 66% stake in the trust that will develop the announced Pedernales tourism development project, due to the weight of the cost of the land that will be contributed and where the hotels, the shopping center and other areas of interest will be built.

He explained that the plot on which the project will be built has 350,000 million square meters and that only 38 million meters will be used. He pointed out that they are in a very advanced phase of demarcation to hand over the titles of these lands to the trust.

It was reported in a press release that Freund spoke in those terms when meeting with local authorities, media representatives and key personalities of this province with the purpose of establishing an effective and transparent line of communication that would allow the community to integrate into the actions that are being carried out for the tourist development of Pedernales.

The meeting, held in the multipurpose room of Restaurant Don Fey, was attended by the governor of the province, Miriam Brea; the deputy Edirda de Óleo; the municipal mayor, Andrés Emilio Jiménez; the councilor Milton Polanco; and the president of the Pedernales Tourism Cluster, Katia Adames, among other influential personalities of the province and journalists with a long history in the fight for the development of the province.

Freund indicated that in January the National Institute of Potable Water and Sewerage (Inapa) will be initiating the tender for the construction of the aqueduct and that in the first months of 2022 a tender process for internal works such as sewage, treatment plant and waste, power plant and substation for connection to the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI).

He reiterated the great interest that the Cabo Rojo, Pedernales tourism development project has aroused in international hotel chains and local investors, and the government’s commitment to developing an eco-friendly destination that is beneficial to the region.

He specified that the letters of commitment have already been signed for the operation of the hotels with American, Canadian and Spanish chains.

He pointed out that the project will have a main trust and three small trusts: one for infrastructure, such as water, energy, telecommunications, solid waste and transportation; another who will be in charge of the airport and another to manage the destination, that is, hotels, residences and the service, commerce and entertainment structure.

He made it clear that, although the government will have a high stake in the trust, it will be limited to a supervisory and regulatory function of the project, while the private sector will be in charge of the operation.

This meeting with local authorities and personalities was held during a visit by the official to the province, where he also supervised the progress in the construction of the internal roads of the project that began in early July 2021. Freund met with the engineers who are in charge of these works and instructed to speed up the work in order to advance with the execution times of the entire plan.

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