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The situation of Luis Manuel Otero has worsened and continues to be at constant risk

MADRID, Spain.- The state of health of the political prisoner and leader of the San Isidro Movement (MSI), Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, has worsened and continues without receiving medical attention in the maximum security prison of Guanajay, Artemisa, denounced this Monday the Cuban art curator Claudia Genlui.

After more than two months, this 1.or April received a visit from his relatives, who were able to learn that during his hunger strike he suffered paralysis and had to be urgently transferred to a hospital.

As a consequence, he maintains sight difficulties: he constantly sees a black spot in one of his eyes; He has low hemoglobin and the dermatitis on his skin remains.

Despite this situation and the fact that “he has repeatedly requested medical assistance, it has not been granted”, nor “is he allowed to go out in the sun or have practically contact with other prisoners”, explained Genlui through a publication in Facebook.

“Luis is very thin, although at the moment he is trying to recover his physical constitution by putting his best effort into exercising and trying, as far as possible, to eat. (…) Despite the circumstances, Luis Manuel continues to create. His ability to hold on to art as a way to survive and resist is admirable,” the activist said.

The curator denounced that her attorney He is not yet aware of the prosecutor’s request for his case and expressed concern about the “constant risk” in which his life remains.

“Louis is innocent and will not rest until he is released, taken home, accompanied by his family, which is where he should be. (…) Luis is not alone. He knows it and is willing to continue the fight for the freedom of Cuba from all scenarios”, he added.

Luis Manuel Otero has been in prison since July 11, 2021, accused of the alleged crimes of aggravated contempt, public disorder and incitement to commit a crime for making a call to join the massive anti-government protests that broke out in Cuba that day.

The opponent also has an open case since 2019, in which he is accused of outrage against national symbols for creating a work of art that included the use of the Cuban flag.

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