SDE Mayor’s Office will call for bids to collect garbage

As of tomorrow, Wednesday, the Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo Este will leave open the process of bidding to choose a company that is responsible for collecting solid waste in district number 3, informed the mayor Manuel Jimenez.

He indicated that this April 5 will be uploaded to the platform of Buying and Hiring the specifications so that all those interested in participating as bidders can do so in order to begin to solve the problem of solid waste in that constituency.

“This is the path to the definitive solution to the problem that bothers our citizens the most due to the pollution it generates, damage to circulation, the beautification of the city and all the diseases caused by pollution. trash in the street, contamination of all levels”, Jiménez explained during his customary meeting on the first Monday of each month.

He indicated that possibly in two months or sooner a company is being awarded the collection of trash in constituency 3 to a company that has the due rigor and the technical and managerial solvency to turn that demarcation into a clean space and where the trash start to be history.

“The contract that we are dismantling in that constituency, the city council paid 32 dollars a ton for garbage, the contract that will be made, the most expensive could be 26 dollars, which is the ceiling that we have established for the tender, that is going to mean a saving of six dollars per ton”Manuel JimenezMayor of SDE

Another requirement is that the trucks that are purchased must be from the year 2020 and he said that making the announcement fills him with joy because it will solve the problem of the accumulation of trash in the town.

District 3 of Santo Domingo Este comprises from Charles de Gaulle Avenue to San Antonio de Guerra and La Caleta. It is the most populous in the country and is in an accelerated growth process. It includes Invivienda, Hainamosa, El Almirante, Los Frailes, La Ureña, El Tamarindo, La Toronja, Mendoza, Villa Carmen, Cancino II, the San Isidro highway, Ciudad Juan Bosch, among other sectors.

On the other hand, the mayor of Santo Domingo Este said that it continues to be dumped in Duquesa, but that part of the waste is taken to the transfer station where dump trucks are loaded with small trucks.

He reported that work is being done on the location of land to build a modern waste processing plant and that for them the Ministry of the Environment and the General Directorate of Special Programs of the Presidency (Digepep) locate a place that does not affect the environment. environment.

Jiménez also reported that the puddle that forms on San Vicente de Paúl avenue, near the Concepción Bona station of the Santo Domingo Metro, will undergo an intervention similar to the one carried out on Charles de Gaulle in front of the La Sirena store. .

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