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The Senate endorses ILO Convention 190 against workplace violence and harassment

Andrea Becerril Victor Ballinas and Jared Laureles

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, March 16, 2022, p. 13

Unanimously, the Senate of the Republic approved Convention 190 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which establishes the obligation of the Mexican State to adopt all necessary measures to eliminate workplace violence and harassment, since they are considered rape and abuse. to human rights, as well as a threat to equal opportunities, that are unacceptable and incompatible with decent work.

The 190 is a recent agreement, dating from 2019, and Mexico is one of the first countries to adopt and ratify it, commented the president of the Senate, Olga Sánchez Cordero, at the conclusion of the discussion of that decree, approved by 94 votes in favor and zero against, which was sent to the federal Executive for its promulgation.

In the gallery, the president of the Commission for Gender Equality, Malú Micher, highlighted that it is extraordinary the ratification of said agreement, which seeks to eradicate the harassment suffered by women workers in their workplace, both in the public and private sectors, which includes sexual harassment in government agencies and companies.

She noted that, according to a survey, 22.6 percent of working women have declared having been victims of workplace violence, and of that percentage, 19.3 percent suffered sexual harassment.

Mexico has taken a historic step

After the approval of Convention 190, the ILO considered that Mexico has taken a historic step in protecting the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment.

Pedro Américo Furtado de Oliveira, ILO director for Mexico, pointed out that the ratification of the international instrument is one more example of the commitment of the government, employers, workers in Mexico to build environments free of violence, respect human rights and strengthen the gender perspective.

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