Quiñónez is saved from impeachment for now

Quiñónez is saved from impeachment for now

The Chamber of Deputies adjourned the extraordinary session where the political trial against Sandra Quiñónez, Attorney General of the State, was to be analyzed. This, due to the fact that the session was left without a quorum after the withdrawal of the official and opposition deputies who promoted the request for not having the necessary 53 votes.

With this, the treatment is postponed indefinitely. The accusatory libel was presented, but it did not reach the voting stage. What was striking was that the Chartist deputies continued with the session despite not having the quorum to vote for 40 minutes. According to reports, with this a way was sought to convince a couple of deputies to present themselves again, however, they were unsuccessful. Taking into account that there were only 39 legislators present and 41 were needed to have the necessary number.

Kattya González, one of the deputies who promoted the political trial, made a long exposition of more than 40 minutes. During it, she stated that Quiñónez is the second most powerful person in the country, only behind the President of the Republic. This is because he has in his power the freedom of each inhabitant of the country, the most precious asset after life.

“In order for power not to be abused, power must limit power. Power that is not controlled is corrupted. We are here to prove that. If we don’t have justice we won’t be able to live today. Do we want the country of legal security or of crime? ”, She stated.

During González’s exposition, Édgar Ortiz, deputy for the PLRA (chartist), yelled at him; “Go to hell, crazy.” To which the legislator responded; “Shut up Edgar Ortiz, shut up, you’re going to go to hell, you’re going to shut your mouth because I’m talking.”

After this incident, González reproached Pedro Alliana, president of the Chamber of Deputies for the fact, but he limited himself to responding that she and the other opposition deputies also usually speak out loud before the presentation of the deputies of “Honor Colorado”.

The session continued for around 40 minutes after losing a quorum (with only 39 legislators). The objective of the Chartist deputies was to convince two more deputies to present themselves in order to have the majority of 41 necessary deputies.

To buy time, the deputies of said bench made extensive presentations in order to buy time.

One of them was Walter Harms, a deputy for the ANR (chartist), who disqualified the promoters of the political trial for having left the session without a quorum.

“After this embarrassing spectacle it is shown that the background is political and there is no interest in citizenship. People in their anguish and desperation come out before the rise in fuel and the rise in food prices. Given the inaction of the Government that does not understand that in the face of the crisis, options must be sought, ”he questioned.
Then Basilio “Bachi” Núñez, national deputy for the ANR and leader of the “Honor Colorado” bench, made a lengthy comparison of essential products, whose prices have risen since the rise in fuel.

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