Seven arms and ammunition traffickers arrested

Seven arms and ammunition traffickers arrested

Seven subjects dedicated to arms and ammunition trafficking were captured by members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), according to military sources.

Four of the seven subjects are members of the criminal organization founded by Erick Alberto Parra Mendoza (27), alias Yeiko Masacre. These people are identified as Cristian José Delmoral Burgos, Yeri Antonia Chirinos Lameda and Antonio José Montero Moyella, captured in sector KM-43, Miranda municipality (Los Puertos de Altagracia) in Zulia state.

The trio seized a 12-gauge shotgun, Mossberg brand, serial MV95880E; four 12-gauge cartridges, two bulletproof vests, four badges identified as “Yeico Massacre Armed Group” and two telephone sets.

These detainees are linked to Tancol groups (Terrorists, Armed Forces, Colombian Drug Traffickers) that operate in Zulia.

A fourth member of Yeiko Masacre was arrested in the Cuatricentenario sector, Maracaibo (Zulia) and was identified as Jesús Ángel García Mendoza. The subject seized a tear gas device, a pistol magazine, five 9mm cartridges and a cell phone.

In addition to trafficking arms and ammunition, García Mendoza is involved in extortion. For this reason, the arrest occurred as a result of the complaint filed by a person against García, from whom he demanded a sum in dollars in exchange for not attempting against his life and the integrity of his family.

Three other arms and ammunition traffickers were captured in the Campo Verde sector, Sucre municipality (Maripa) in Bolívar state.

They are: Frannis Marcano Cerrano, Franklin William Delgado Sarmiento and Luis Miguel Salazar, members of the Los Timbin cell. A 38 revolver, two 38 caliber cartridges, fourteen 7.62×39 mm rifle cartridges, a tear gas bomb and three motorcycles were seized from those arrested.

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