The Prosecutor's Office supports the accusation of malfeasance against Alcón on three pillars

The Prosecutor’s Office supports the accusation of malfeasance against Alcón on three pillars

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Prosecutor Johan Muñoz supported the accusation in three points that ensures that Judge Rafael Alcón committed prevarication by allowing the departure of feminicide Richard Choque in 2019. The hearing of precautionary measures began around 11:00 this Saturday.

The representative of the Public Ministry explained that the first requirement to grant house arrest is that the prisoner has a sentence that allows for pardon. However, Choque was accused of femicide, with 30 years in prison “without the right to pardon”

The second is that the prisoner serves two-fifths of the sentence imposed and in a sentence of 30 years it would represent 12. From the review of the memorial and the judge’s decision, it was proven that he only served five years in prison.

The third is that he did not prove a terminal illness as established by the regulations for the execution of sentences. “The judge should have required a report issued by a forensic doctor and there is no forensic certificate that proves an incurable disease. These diseases could be controlled with medication from the prison where he was detained. This determines the malfeasance, breach of duties of Alcón granting freedom to a person who was accused of murder and caused the death of two people.

Muñoz affirmed that the Prosecutor’s Office went to search the courts of La Paz and El Alto but did not find the sentence control notebook, “it disappeared from these courts.” “Simply, we find the criminal process in a file with legalized and simple photocopies where there is no document proving terminal illness, report from the judge, secretary or social visitor.”

“Therefore, he is charged with the crimes of breach of duties, prevaticato and suppression and destruction of documents,” he specified.

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