The Prosecutor's Office investigates a possible money laundering process against Nicolás Petro

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates a possible money laundering process against Nicolás Petro

He Attorney General Francisco Barbosarevealed that this organism investigate possible money laundering in the process against Nicolás Petro, son of President Gustavo Petro.

This investigation is being coordinated by a prosecutor delegated for territorial security, which is advancing in a verification of the financial and accounting status of Nicolás Petro Burgos, within the investigation that is being followed against him due to the allegations of the alleged receipt of money from drug traffickers for his father’s presidential campaign in 2022.

“We are investigating in the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation in the criminal case and in the case of assets or possible money laundering, Those are the advances made by the investigative groups,” said prosecutor Barbosa.

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The official assured that the investigation is going well in this case and that Petro’s son is guaranteed the presumption of innocence.

“There is a presumption of innocence and judicial guarantees, what happens is that all the investigations in the Prosecutor’s Office They are always focused on people in the criminal field to establish that there are no assets tied to criminal activities,” Barbosa said.

Within the work of the Judicial Police, The Prosecutor’s Office sent a letter to the Atlantic Assembly, of which Nicolás Petro is a member, to deliver information to this body related to the money earned by the political leader as a result of his role.

In a recent request to the Atlantic Assembly, the Prosecutor’s Office requested “in a restrained manner, requested your valuable collaboration in the sense of remitting to destination to this unit of the Judicial Police all the information that rests in its databases, mainly related to the quality of deputy and certification of the position, time of service as a deputy of this assembly”.

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In the same communication, the prosecutor’s investigators asked to have access to “the monthly payroll supports, corresponding to the accredited period, including ordinary and extraordinary benefits and payments generated by various concepts of Nicolás Fernando Petro Burgos”.

The Prosecutor’s Office made it clear in this official letter that the petition was endorsed by an judge with function of control of guarantees of Bogotáafter carrying out a reserved hearing that had as objective a selective search in the database.

According to the complaints made by his ex-partner Day Vásquez, Nicolás Petro allegedly received money from the notorious ex-drug trafficker Samuel Santander Lopesierra, known as the “Marlboro Man” and also from El Turco Hilsaca.

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