The president of IDEA said that "the market gave positive signs" for the assumption of Massa

The president of IDEA said that "the market gave positive signs" for the assumption of Massa

“You have to create more jobs and that requires investment,” Murchison said.

The president of the IInstitute for Business Development of Argentina (IDEA), Robert Murchisonsaid this Tuesday in relation to the changes in the national Cabinet that “the market has given some first positive signs” and that the sector expects “the measures to be announced tomorrow”.

“In general terms, if one is guided by the macroeconomic indicators, it would seem that the market has given some first positive signs regarding the appointment of the Minister (of Economy, Sergio) Massa,” Murchison said Tuesday in Rosario, during a press conference at the “Agroindustry Idea Experience” colloquium.

The head of the Murchison Group, dedicated to the port services business, stated that “it will be very important to confirm those expectations with the measures that are being announced tomorrow” and added that “perhaps more important than that, is the execution of these measures in the coming months. That is the expectation that has been generated in the business community.”

IDEA’s president also pointed out that “beyond the economic variables, the problem that Argentina has is the high level of povertyclose to 40 percent.

Sergio Massa said goodbye this Tuesday to the Chamber of Deputies Photo Victoria Gesualdi
Sergio Massa said goodbye this Tuesday from the Chamber of Deputies. / (Photo Victoria Gesualdi)

The director said that “the vision is that to start solving this there are no magic solutions, we have to generate more work and for that investment is required”.

Thus, one of the problems he identified as central is “the issue of credibilityis a component that is required for there to be genuine investment”.

The businessman clarified that the lack of credibility “does not belong to this government, it is a problem that Argentina has been dragging for a long time.”

In the same sense, the executive director of IDEA, Daniel Gonzalezindicated that “the credibility problems do not belong to this government or to now, but to many decades,” and maintained that “we are working for our colloquium in October (in Mar del Plata), which has to do with stability in the rules of the game”.

“We believe no long-term investment possibleif the rules of the game keep changing,” González added.

During one of the panels this Tuesday afternoon, which took place at the Ross Tower hotel in Rosario, before some 500 participants in the agro-industrial meeting, the deputy manager of the Association of Argentine Cooperatives (ACA), Víctor Acastello, said that the sector he needs to “reach an agreement first with the agricultural leadership.”

“Once you know what course the country should take in terms of agriculture and agribusiness, I think a good part of the way is resolved. Then there is the issue of macroeconomics, but that is resolved. We have to come to an agreement us first, about what is the look we want for the Argentine agribusiness”, he asserted.

The CEO of Adecoagro, Mariano Bosch, said for his part that “transparent dialogue is lacking: if we do not speak and do not do so with clarity and some transparency, it will be impossible for us to reach an agreement.”

The president of the Chamber of the Oil Industry (Ciara), Gustavo Idígoras, was “excited that we are very close to joining forces.”

“A few years ago we did something very small that today is the Argentine Agroindustrial Council,” and stressed that an agroindustrial plan is being drafted for the next 10 years that is “federal, inclusive and self-sustaining,” added the leader.

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