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“The people cannot continue to be overwhelmed,” says a journalist from official media

MIAMI, United States. – This Sunday, the official media journalist Ania Ortega launched on his Facebook wall a harsh criticism of the economic policies of the Cuban regime.

“Solutions are urgent, because popular discontent is growing, sadness is evident, we continue to make mistakes, and disappointment and disbelief lead to apathy and this is underhanded social revenge, silently sabotaging attempts to move forward,” he wrote.

Ortega assured that he could not alienate himself “from what hits us the most and increasingly hard: market prices.”

“The question is in something that happens in the open and without the possibility of denial or logical explanation. If, to demonstrate that political inertia is broken, drastic measures are ordered against the usurpers of what is established that shoot up prices, then the State cannot be equal (by raising prices) as the profiteers who live from theft and resale, “he said. .

The television presenter also assured that “if the State sells cheaply, then the hoarders take advantage, who then sell it on the corner at triple the state price.”

“So what is the solution?” he wondered. “That the State compete with the informal market? That he underground be the one who pulls the strings of market prices? (Not to mention the existence of other currencies and the low value of ours). And where is what the people want, what the people need? ”, He questioned.

“There is no production to meet the demand, but the people cannot continue to be overwhelmed, because this country has a population full of elderly people. Many of them alone and sick. And because we’re losing strength young to raise the future. It is an undeniable reality. (Only in my neighborhood almost everyone has already left) ”, she lamented.

In reference to the economic policies of the Cuban regime, he said that the measures could not be “pretty” or “intelligent” responses to alleviate or sweeten the social ear and that the next day everything would wake up worse.”

“When you are hurt by something or because of something, it is because you are suffering from it. If you don’t suffer it, you can’t feel the same, you can’t think the same. And that is when the speeches move away from reality and therefore from the truth of the people”, he criticized.

In this sense, he said that “being credible takes an immense share of example, which is not shown by those who have rosy and full aspects, in a country where the pitiful and lacerating scarcity returns us to a social landscape of wandering elderly begging for alms and sleeping in doorways ( Calle Monte, Cine Yara, Boulevard de San Rafael, portals of the Museum of Fine Arts, Calle Reina…)”.

“Putting your ear to the ground is walking through Havana and listening to its people, feeling the beating of their hearts and feeling their pain closely so that the approaches, ideas and measures come a little closer to what is really going on in this people need.”

“So many people writing and thinking the same thing cannot be wrong, much less confused,” he assured.

Finally, he pointed out: “What we cannot allow is that, because of our own mistakes, we lose this revolution, which is not won, nor risen, nor is it going to be saved with romantic speeches.”

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