The last conversation Luis Colmenares had with his son: 12 years after the mysterious death

The last conversation Luis Colmenares had with his son: 12 years after the mysterious death

This October 31 marks the 12 years after the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares, a case that lives in the memory of Colombians and that remains unsolved despite the many years that have passed since what happened on Halloween night in 2010.

This is how this date, since then, has not gone unnoticed by the young man’s relatives, who are still asking for justice and trying to keep the case open, with the aim of finding those responsible for the death of Colmenares, as they assure that that night no accident occurred.

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Who else has remained in charge of the case is Luis Alonso Colmenares, father of Luis Andrés, who in an interview for HSB Noticias, recalled the last conversation he had with his son and commemorated another year since his death.

“I can’t forget the last hug. Sometimes I feel it, I don’t forget it,” Colmenares’ father said about the last time he was with his son, remembering that he asked him to “take care of his mother” and that they stayed in keep in touch through their cell phones.

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Colmenares case: 12 years of the mysterious death

It should be remembered that the incident occurred in the street 85, in the Zona Rosa of Bogotá, where the lifeless body of Luis Andrés Colmenares was found.

Yes ok Carlos Cárdenas, Jessi Quintero and Laura Moreno were linked to the process, as presumed responsible for the death of the young man, they were released due to lack of evidence.

For now, during the next few days, the Supreme Court is expected to define this criminal process, with which the family hopes that a final ruling will be issued.

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