The moment before the fall of the medical plane in Tierra del Fuego

The moment before the fall of the medical plane in Tierra del Fuego

A security video shows the moment before the fall of the medical plane in Tierra del Fuego


A video recorded by security cameras of the airport of the Fuegian city of Río Grande It shows that the LearJet35 plane that crashed this Friday while on a medical flight took off from the runway and flew a few meters before tilting and falling sharply to the ground.

The footage of just seven seconds long allows the aircraft to be seen passing at high speed several meters above the ground and in an upward direction, until the left wing tilts almost at a right angle to the ground, and then the ship abruptly loses height.

The image does not record the exact site of the impact, which was about 300 meters after the end of the takeoff and landing strip, although still within the grounds of the Río Grande Naval Air Base.

At that moment there was a large explosion that was heard in neighborhoods near the airport by countless inhabitants, and that gave rise to a trail of smoke, fire and debris.

The bodies of the victims were removed and the investigation began.

Members of local security forces removed this Saturday the bodies of the four victims of the accident carried out yesterday by a medical plane shortly after taking off from the airport of the Fuegian city of Río Grande, judicial sources informed Télam.

The tasks were supervised by members of the Transportation Safety Board (JST) who arrived in the province at dawn and hours later they began the first expert reports on the damaged aircraft.

“The experts worked early on the initial analyses. One of the priorities, of course, was to remove the charred bodies from the remains of the fuselage, which were located about 300 meters from the end of the runway”explained the spokespersons consulted.

Personnel from the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) with the assistance of members of the Rio Grande Volunteer Fire Department achieved on Friday night the identification and removal of black boxes and batteries from the aircraftas reported by the local municipality through a press release.

As a result of the accident, a criminal case was opened before the Federal Court of First Instance of Río Grande, in charge of Judge Mariel Borruto, with the intervention of federal prosecutor Marcelo Rapoport.

The aircraft of the company Flying América SA was making a medical flight from the city of Buenos Aires.

He had left at 8:45 a.m. from the San Fernando Airport, in the province of Buenos Aires, and after a stopover in Comodoro Rivadavia he arrived in Tierra del Fuego carrying a five-month-old baby and his family.

The accident occurred when the ship was taking off from Río Grande with the aim of returning to Buenos Aires.

Commander Claudio Canelo, co-pilot Héctor Vittore, doctor Diego Ciolfi and nurse Denis Torres García died instantly, it was officially reported.

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