More than two thousand Senamecf officials are trained in Forensic Sciences

More than two thousand officials of the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (senamecf), have been trained by Specialized Training Center in Forensic Sciences (CEFOECF), The institution reported this Friday.

During the presentation of the memory and account of the first hundred days of management of the CEFOECF of the National Experimental University of Security (UNES), the general director of the Senamecf, Lissett Moreno, He explained that 1,547 are UNES students of the institutional approach practices of the Criminal and Criminal Investigation training programs, while 649 Senamecf workers are part of the Comprehensive Course of Forensic Sciences, graduates in University Teaching and Quantitative Methodology, postgraduate degrees in Criminalistics and evaluation workshops.

“I am happy to have reached this number of boardings with students in such a short time,” Moreno said, quoted by the AVN agency.

The Specialized Training Center in Forensic Sciences is the training entity through which UNES students pass, who aspire to enter the Senamecf and was created to establish intellectual and social links between both institutions that result in quality care for the Venezuelan people.

Unes carries out a permanent process of professional and comprehensive training to develop the skills of those who will become part of the Citizen Security Organs (CSOs) of the country.

This program plans to continue with the training of Senamecf workers at the national level to achieve comprehensive development in the field of Citizen Security, established at vertices No. 2 and No. 6 of the Great Mission Quadrants of Peace, dedicated to strengthening CSOs.



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