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The Minister of Energy and the director of the Electric Union are replaced in Cuba

The Cuban government appointed this Monday a new Minister of Energy and Minesand a new director of the Electrical Union (UNE)replacing those in office until now, according to official media.

These substitutions take place at a time when the Island is going through a complex electrical energy situation —and in the midst, in turn, of a severe economic crisis—, which has been causing long blackouts for months in the country and generating growing discontent among the population. .

According to what was officially reported, Vicente de la O Levy is now the head of Energy and Mines instead of Liván Arronte Cruz, who has held the position since 2019 and who “was recognized for the effort made” and “will be assigned new responsibilities”.

The note read in the state newsreports that de la O Levy, 60 years old and a mechanical engineer by training, “has gone through different responsibilities from the base” and since 2013 he directed the Electronics Business Group of the Ministry of Industries “with positive results ”.

In addition, he has also served as first deputy minister of the now-defunct Ministry of the Iron and Steel Industry, as well as general director of the Electric Union between 2005 and 2010 and as head of the Cuban Energy Mission in Venezuela.

For his part, Alfredo López Valdés was appointed as General Director of the Electric Union to replace Jorge Armando Cepero Hernández. This is the return to this position of someone who has also held other senior positions in the electricity sector and has even been Minister of Energy and Mines and of Industries.

About Lopez Valdes the official note He states that “because of his comprehensive mastery of the specialty, he stands out for his leadership and work organization skills and he is an active university professor”.

Both changes take place in the midst of a tense scenario in electricity generation in Cuba, marked by the constant breakdown of generating plants and fuel shortages, in addition to the damage caused to the electrical networks by the recent scourge of Hurricane Ian. in the west of the country.

This Monday, for example, the UNE estimated a maximum impact of 1,050 MW due to a deficit in generation capacity during daytime hours and 1,329 MW at night peak. In addition, he reported that ten generation units were stopped due to breakdown on this day, while another is undergoing maintenance.

The Cuban government intends to reduce blackouts before the end of the year with new investments and repair work. The intention is to incorporate 450 MW into the national electricity system to “minimize” power cuts before the arrival of 2023, he said President Miguel Díaz-Canel, but so far the long blackouts have not diminished and the population’s protests for this cause have increased.

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