Deputies enlist ruling on Income and Rights Laws 2023

Deputies enlist ruling on Income and Rights Laws 2023

the prediction

The prediction that will be analyzed is already circulating among the deputies and no fundamental changes are foreseen in relation to the Executive’s proposals.

The Federation Income Law Initiative (ILIF) for fiscal year 2023 contemplates income of 8.3 billion pesos and proposes three main sources of expenditure: oil income (1.3 billion pesos), non-oil income (5.8 billion pesos) and contract debt for 1.2 billion pesos.

In the 2023 Economic Package, a debt ceiling of 1.1 trillion pesos was requested, just over double what was requested in 2018, when the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began.

For 2023, the López Obrador government requested from Congress an amount of internal debt of up to one trillion 170 billion pesos, in addition to 5,500 million dollars as an amount of net external debt.

It was also requested “the establishment of powers to incur greater internal indebtedness than the authorized amount, for an amount equivalent to the lesser external indebtedness in accordance with the requested authorization and vice versa,” according to the Revenue Law project.

“With this proposal, it would be possible to take advantage of the favorable conditions that would arise in the national and international financial markets, to carry out financing operations or swap internal liabilities for external ones and vice versa, in better conditions for the purpose of managing risks associated with the debt. public or for the development of local markets”, he adds.

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At the meeting of the board of directors of the Finance Commission, the opposition claimed that its proposals have not yet been ruled on to be included in the forecast of income and rights for 2023.

“The trend is clear. The truth is that from the presidency of the Republic they do not let us help the country. In the majority group, they do what they are told, what they are applying to us today that comes from the SHCP: they are not going to move a letter,” said Deputy Salvador Caro Cabrera, of Movimiento Ciudadano, on Monday.

The same thing happened in the discussion of the 2022 package, so “this year I already took it in a zen way because I didn’t see that they were going to allow us to contribute something.”

He, like deputy Eufrosina Cruz, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Beatriz Pérez, from Morena, Patricia Terrazas Baca, from Acción Nacional (PAN), and José Yunes, also a PRI member, asked to include proposed topics in initiatives that were not were taken into account, such as taxes on the craft production of mezcal and beer or exemption in the payment of rights so that children under 18 can enter museums.

Terrazas Baca recalled that tomorrow will be just the first ordinary meeting of the Commission in this second year of the 65th Legislature and asserted that the regulations, which order sessions every 15 days, have been breached.

And while “there are more than 300 initiatives in the queue and they are cutting off a very important role for the Chamber of Deputies, it seems that it only works once a year,” he added.

The president of the Treasury Commission, Luis Armando Melgar, of the Green Party (PVEM), rejected that they do not work or that a month and a half has passed without analyzing proposals that he considered could be addressed in two days: “The law is very clear and we have up to on the 20th”.

“The time it takes us to rule and (still) we have enough time to reach the plenary session on Wednesday the 19th and we still have all of Thursday the 20th to be able to vent,” he added.

In addition, in the Commission it was agreed that all the reservations presented by the parliamentary groups will be presented before the Plenary of the Chamber. That is, it may be ruled expressly, but give the debate during the approval in plenary.

Once that is done, the Budget Commission will accelerate its work to rule on the Federation Expenditure Project and, at the end of the month, the analysis meeting will be held with senior Treasury officials, informed the deputy president of that group, Erasmo Gonzlez Robledo.

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