La Ruta Industrial hace parada en Domicem

The Industrial Route makes a stop in Domicem

San Cristobal. The Industrial Route headed by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Victor Bisono, reached Domicem SA, an industrial company active in the country in the production of cement for more than 15 years.

Minister Bisonó reiterated his commitment to promote the growth of the industry and the generation of jobsfor which he expressed the willingness of the institution he directs, to support Domicem with guidance for obtaining licenses and permits for the construction of a second production line.

He added that the Dominican Republic is experiencing an extraordinary time with the construction sector, since it increasingly contributes to growth and generates hundreds of jobs for Dominicans, which meets one of the government’s objectives.

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Minister Bisonó and his team were received by a delegation of DOMICEM led by Adriano Brunetti, CEO of the company, who expressed his gratitude for the visit, while stressing that the cement company works with the highest technology and that it contributes 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of construction to the economy and meets the sustainability of the environmental impact.

Likewise, the minister was received by Paul Hasbun, member of the Board of Directors; Rafael Hernández, Plant Director; Stefano Pierotti, Finance Director; Gaetano Cafaro, director of the DOMICEM 2nd Line Project; Juan José Peña, Quality Manager, Sergio Sánchez, Communications Manager and Jennifer Almánzar, Communications Assistant.

Through an institutional presentation, the holder of the MICM He learned details about the new investments, challenges and opportunities of the company and later participated in a tour of the Domicem facilities, located on the Sabana Grande Palenque highway, province of San Cristóbal.

The Industrial Route makes a stop in Domicem
The Industrial Route makes a stop in Domicem
About Domicen

The company was founded in 1995 by a company of Italo-Dominican investors, linked to Colacem Spa of the Financo Group, based in Italy.

Domicem is also linked to the Inicia Group and stands out for the use of high technology in its processes, automated in all its stages, from the extraction of raw materials in the quarry, to the dispatch of the product, contributing to the production and supply of cement. in the country.

The company currently has 260 direct employees and its main products are structural and mixed Portland cement, as well as clinker for concrete and blocks.

These products are distributed throughout the national territory, in addition to exports to Haiti, Jamaica, the Lesser Antilles and Guyana.

Domicem has more than 20 controls in its production process, from internal ones to third-party certifying entities. It has certification: ISO 9001, INDOCAL, ISO 17025 Quality Accreditation, Certification for the Implementation of Improvements in Production Processes and Certification 522-06 for Safety and Health at Work.

In 2017 the company won the Excellence Award for Cleaner Production, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, in addition to the Great Exporter award.

The Industrial Route makes a stop in Domicem
Personalities who accompanied the minister

The minister was accompanied by the Vice Minister of Industrial Development, Fantino Polanco, and the Director of the MICM Cabinet, Jonathan Bournigal.

The visit to Domicem was attended by the young Camila Rodríguez, a student of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Ibero-American University (UNIBE), who valued the Industrial Route as a great learning opportunity, which allows to know first-hand the development of the industrial sector and thanked the MICM.

Likewise, the minister was accompanied by the communicators Miralba Ruíz, Persio Maldonado Jr., and the journalist Luisín Mejía, who valued as positive that the MICM minister visits the country’s industries with the aim of supporting the sector and helping them in their challenges.

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