The governors appointed by Díaz-Canel in the 15 Cuban provinces are ratified

The governors appointed by Díaz-Canel in the 15 Cuban provinces are ratified

The delegates to the assemblies of the Popular Power of Cuba elected this Sunday the governors and deputy governors of the 15 provinces of the country who were proposed by the president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, in accordance with the electoral law.

As reported by the National Electoral Council (CNE), 12,035 delegates from the municipal assemblies of the 15 provinces of the country participated in these elections, and the same number of ballots were deposited in the polls, of which 11,847 (98.44%) were valid. , 180 (1.5%) were blank and 8 (0.07%) were cancelled.

With 97.16% of the votes, she was elected as governor of Havana Yanet Hernandez Perezgraduated in “defectology”, the name given on the Island to the branch of Pedagogy dedicated to children with special educational needs.

In Santiago de Cuba, the second most important province in the country, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia was re-elected to the position, with 94.25% of the votes.

In Santiago de Cuba, the second most important province in the country, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia was re-elected to the position, with 94.25% of the votes

Candidates for governor or lieutenant governor, who will serve for a period of five years, must meet the requirements to be born in Cuba, lack any other citizenship, be over 30 years of age, reside in the province for which they were nominated and be in full enjoyment of civil and political rights.

To be elected, the candidates must reach more than 50% of the valid votes cast, and in the event that they did not obtain them, then the president would present new proposals to submit them to a vote in the following 10 days according to the deadlines stipulated by Cuban laws.

The governor is the highest executive-administrative manager and is in charge of organizing and directing the Administration in the province. For this reason, he renders accounts and reports on his management before the National Assembly of People’s Power and the councils of State, Ministers and that of his province.

According to the Cuban Constitution approved in 2019, each province is governed by a Provincial Government of People’s Power, made up of a governor and a provincial council.

The National Electoral Council set the inauguration of the newly elected governors and deputy governors for June 4. Here the complete list:

  • Sagebrush: Governor: Ricardo Concepción Hernández, Lieutenant Governor: Yamina Duarte Duarte.
  • Camaguey: Governor: Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia; Lieutenant Governor: Yennis León Mayedo.
  • Ciego de Avila: Governor: Alfre Menéndez Pérez; lieutenant governor: Hyorvanis Espinosa Pérez.
  • Hundred fires: Governor: Alexandre Corona Quintero; Lieutenant Governor: Yolexis Rodríguez Armada.
  • Granma: Governor: Yanetsy Terry Gutiérrez; lieutenant governor: Teresa Luisa Pérez Trinchet.
  • Guantanamo: Governor: Alis Azahares Torreblanca; Lieutenant Governor: Carlos Raúl Martínez Turro.
  • Holguin: Governor: Manuel Francisco Hernandez; Lieutenant Governor: Yunia Pérez Hernández.
  • Havana: Governor: Yanet Hernández Pérez; lieutenant governor: Jesus Otamendiz Campos.
  • Tunas: Governor: Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega; lieutenant governor: Ernesto Luis Cruz Reyes.
  • killings: Governor: Mario Felipe Sabines Lorenzo; Lieutenant Governor: Marieta Caridad Poey Zamora.
  • Mayabeque: Governor: Manuel Aguiar Lamas; lieutenant governor: María Dailis Guerra More.
  • Pinewood of the river: Governor: Eumelin González Sánchez; Lieutenant Governor: Niurka Rodríguez Hernández.
  • Sancti Spiritus: Governor: Alexis Lorente Jimenez; lieutenant governor: Frank Osbel Cañizares Rodríguez.
  • Santiago de Cuba: Governor: Beatriz Johnson Urrutia; lieutenant governor: Manuel Falcón Hernández.
  • Villa Clara: Governor: Alberto López Díaz; Lieutenant Governor: Milaxy Yanet Sánchez Armas.

This electoral act was preceded by the elections of the municipal delegates –held in November 2022–, which were followed by the parliamentary ones in March of this year, both appointments marked by strong abstention, and last April was reinstated in his functions the president and only candidateon the day of constitution of the National Assembly, the highest legislative body of the country.


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