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CubaNet confirms femicide in Guantanamo: mother is murdered by the father of her daughters

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban Yaricel Hernández González was murdered last Friday by her husband, confirmed to CubaNet a neighbor of the victim, who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to information from the neighbor, Hernández González and the murderer had two daughters together.

As indicated by the journalist Mario J. Pentonthe perpetrator turned himself in to the police after committing the crime.

With the murder of Yaricel Hernández, the number of femicides registered in Cuba so far this year has risen to 31.

The most recent transcended last week. It was about the murder of Tomasa, a 60-year-old woman who lived in the Luyanó neighborhood of Havana, and the 21-year-old girl Daniela Thalia Tasse Ariasresident in Bayamo, province of Granma.

Daniela Thalia was killed, a few meters from her co-workers and students, at the Luis Marcano school, where she worked. According to a neighbor, the attacker, Franci Espinoza Rodríguez, had a history of violence and frequently hit Tasse Arias.

Currently, in the 15 provinces of the country, at least one femicide has been reported this year.

Of the 31 women killed, 28 lost their lives at the hands of men they knew. In most cases, the perpetrators were men who had been or were their partners.

Given the wave of femicides in the country and the state of defenselessness in which women find themselves, feminist platforms they keep asking the regime —without obtaining a response— a series of demands that protect women from sexist violence.

Among these demands are the definition of the specific crime of femi(ni)cide; Creation of shelters and rescue systems for women and their children in danger; Legalization of activism; and a Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence.

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