The Government must continue working to lower costs

“Those good winds that generated high income are no longer the same”

“The Government refers (as gold mesh) to the sectors of young people in the area of ​​technology, communications,” the senator clarified.

The senator of the National Party Sergio Botana responded on Monday to Senator Mario Bergara, of the Broad Front (FA), who stated that the economic growth of the country was only witnessed by the “gold mesh”. “Economic growth was taken by all those who were able to work this year,” said the legislator at a press conference.

Botana called to “take great care” of the “pesitos” of the country’s economy. “Those good winds that generated high income because the world economy demanded what we offered, now they are no longer the same,” he said.

In this sense, the senator argued that the Government has to continue working to be able to “lower costs.”


Bergara had expressed in self defense, the program broadcast on YouTube on the Caras y Caretas channel, that “the appropriation of (economic) growth is highly concentrated in the gold nets.” In addition, he said that deposits had grown in Uruguayan banks but also in those abroad. “The largest accounts increase, while salaries and pensions fall,” said the opposition legislator.

When asked about these expressions by the press, Botana replied: “I don’t know what the gold mesh is, because I think what Bergara has is a very bad interpretation of the gold mesh.”

“The Government refers (as gold mesh) to the sectors of young people in the area of ​​technology, communications and sectors that are zero employment and that assume risks to generate contributions,” added the senator.

“They are not the heavy gold mesh of the left who are profitable thanks to the fact that they permanently take advantage of the State,” added Botana. (Montevideo Portal)

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