The FGR will not exercise criminal action against Pío López Obrador

The FGR will not exercise criminal action against Pío López Obrador

“Nothing was done with that resource (…) contributions, they were contributions to support the movement with the issue of minor expenses, gasoline, etc… so that we could mobilize and organize the people who wanted real change in our country, but I did not commit any crime, I feel with a very clear conscience”, answered Pío López Obrador when asked about the money for the videos.

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In early August, the body attached to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) considered these statements as evidence to expand the investigations against Pío López and requested a period of 60 days to investigate the amountorigin, legality and destination of the resources to be able to decide if the investigation folder would be prosecuted.

the inquiries

The investigations against the president’s brother were generated after videos were made public in which he appeared to receive an envelope and a bag of money from David León in 2015 to finance, it was said, the movement in support of today Republic President.

After those videos, the president’s brother was denounced before the FEDE by opposition senators and members of the PRD.

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