Con minga inicia las Fiestas de Quito

The festivities begin by making the capital ‘pretty’

The traditional Minga de la Quiteñidad has been held for more than four decades, as the beginning of the Quito Festivities.

On Sunday, November 21, 2021, the Municipality of Quito and the Secretariat for Territorial Coordination and Citizen Participation invite Quito families to be part of the traditional Minga of Quiteñidad.

This day, which begins at Quito festivalsIt will take place from 09:00 to 12:30 in all neighborhoods of the capital.

Make the capital ‘beautiful’

The goal of the great minga is clean windows, streets and sidewalks; in addition, improve the appearance of public spaces and paint the walls of houses and buildings. In this activity, all Quiteños they will flag the balconies as a symbol of the beginning of the festivities for the foundation of the ‘Face of God’.

This traditional minga is performed for more than 40 years in all the Metropolitan District, the activity in which all families will participate is promoted to encourage love for the city and culture.

Municipal companies will join the initiative to make beautiful Quito at their parties.

The Minga of Quiteñidad will have, in turn, a cultural component: the Fire Department Band, the Municipal Band and the Metro Band that will provide music and rhythms to liven up the day. (AVV)

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