The Executive Power will appeal this Monday the judicial ruling that suspended vaccination in children

The Executive Branch will present this Monday or Tuesday the appeal to the ruling of Judge Alejandro Recarey who suspended vaccination against covid-19 in children under 13 years of age. As reported by Montevideo Portal and confirmed to The Observer From the Presidency, the resource is already in the hands of Deputy Secretary Rodrigo Ferrés, who is polishing the details.

The government has three business days to appeal, giving it until Tuesday. Thereafter, there are three days to withdraw the copies of the appeal, another three for the plaintiff to respond, and another four for an appeals court to settle the matter.

The secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, had expressed the executive’s rejection of the court ruling, although he clarified that the government would abide by said resolution. “The decision of this judge puts in Justice the possible affectation of health,” he had said. “This ruling is nonsense”he had added, recalling that vaccination is voluntary and not mandatory.

The hierarch had raised his expectations that after the appeal the whole issue would not go beyond an “unpleasant anecdote”. “For Uruguay this is an inadmissible argument”, he had remarked, adding that it is something that goes “against what science says and against what is happening in the world”.

Both the Ministry of Public Health and the Presidency had tried to recuse Judge Recarey for considering him impartial on the matter.

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