The EDEs will make another compensation to users

As of next September, regulated users will be able to receive another compensation from the Electricity Distribution Companies (DTS) because, by provision of the Superintendency of Electricity (SIE), they will have to recalculate the invoices issued and credit or debit their clients the erroneously applied rate differences in November 2021 and January and April 2022, when rate adjustments came into force.

In the resolution SIE-080-2022-TF The SIE indicates that the distribution companies offered explanations that they needed to correct their billing systems in order to effectively apply article 461 of the Regulations for the Application of the General Electricity Law (Ralge) and resolution SIE-021-2022-TF March of this year.

In the new opinion, issued and published on the SIE website, Edesur Dominicana (Edesur), Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (Edeeste) and Edenorte Dominicana (Edenorte) are instructed to apply the aforementioned article 461 of the Ralge , which establishes that, if there are different rates in the period to be billed, in each part of said period it must be billed according to the terms in force at that time.

The provision establishes the methodology that the DTS They must apply to compensate their clients in order to ensure that this process is done in a fair and transparent manner.

It adds that the difference between the prices of the transition rate to be applied and the fraction of the applied rate that corresponded to November 2021 and January 2022 must be credited or debited, as appropriate, in the September 2022 billing. Whereas, the rate changes corresponding to April 2022 must be credited or debited in the October 2022 billing.

“It means that, if within the same billing period the rate experiences a variation, the consumption made by the customer must be billed prorated according to the rate conditions,” says the entity, which regulates the electricity subsector, to through a statement.

The SIE ensures that with this provision it guarantees and monitors unrestricted compliance with the provision adopted by President Luis Abinader, on July 18, to temporarily suspend the dismantling of the subsidy, which was established in the Electric Pact, signed by the political parties, businessmen and social organizations in February 2021.

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The application of the agreement that sought the adjustment of electricity rates gradually and in stages began on April 1 and was scheduled to conclude in December 2026. The new decision was adopted until the country’s economic circumstances change.

The SIE recalled that the head of state revoked the decision based on the extraordinary global conditions that affect the cost of electricity generation and that, at the same time, he is responding to the concerns of society.

He recalled that through resolution SIE-068-2022-TF that institution had ordered the DTS review the invoices issued in July and credit or debit as appropriate, in the August billing, the difference between the established prices.

In the statement, the SIE “assured that this management makes commendable efforts to responsibly face the electrical problems that have hampered the country’s development for decades, motivated by the commitment assumed with the Dominican people to promote long-term development that increases the competitiveness of the country. country”.

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