The curious story of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, #TheFerragnez

The curious story of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, #TheFerragnez

Fedes and Chiara Ferragni, figures of a history crossed by the media.

In recent days the young Italian rapper fedez (32), a Milanese whose real name is Federico Leonardo Lucía, a singer who added more success than he had already achieved by becoming the husband of the influencer chiara ferragini (34), announced that he suffered from a disease that at that time he did not reveal, until this Thursday, through social networks and with all the letters he confessed that it was a pancreatic tumor for which he finally underwent delicate surgery

Rumors about Fedez’s health have been going around for a long time, when it was circulated that he suffered from demyelination (loss of myelin in his nervous system), it was even spread that he suffered from multiple sclerosis, but that version fell to the wayside, despite the 17 March the networks gave bad news again, which ended on the 22nd with his admission to the operating room.

According to his post on Instagram, where he has 13.6 million followers “Last week I found out that I have a rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas. Of those that, if not caught on time, are not a pleasant company inside your body. For that reason I had to undergo surgery that lasted six hours to remove a part of the pancreas (including the tumor). Two days after surgery, I am fine and can’t wait to go home to my children. I’ll still be late”concluded

The message includes photos of the couple, in which the singer exposes the scar and also exposes some drawings that show what the intervention he had undergone was about. For her part, Chiara Ferragni assured that “Tuesday’s surgery went well and he is recovering. We hope that this is just a bad memory that taught us, once again, the importance of enjoying life to the full and every day.”exposing a photo in which she is seen hugging her husband in the hospital

Fedez “Meglio del cinema”


According to the specialists who treat him, it is not yet defined whether it is a benign or malignant “neuroendocrine” tumor, that the surgery was highly complex and very risky, a duodenopancreatectomy, which includes the removal of the head of the pancreas and the connection of the duodenum with that gland, and exposed to a moment of high tension and anguish who, in addition to being known for his songs like “Senza Pagare” or “Bella Storia”, is a judge on the reality show “Factor X.

Chiara Ferragni – Chiara Doing Things


for Ferragni “The love of my life, Fedez, needs an extra bit of support these days. We love you more than ever, my love. You will get well soon, always surrounded by the love of all your family, friends and all the people who love you so they read their 26 million followers last week on his Instagram account and added that “We love you more than ever, my love. You will get well soon, always surrounded by the love of all your family, friends and all the people who love you so much.

The marriage took place four years ago, both wearing high fashion – Dior and Versace. respectively-, already with their newborn son Leone Lucia (the couple had a second daughter, Vittoria Lucia, in 2021), with celebrations that were wrapped in marketing that the influencer-businesswoman handled with precision, according to the hashtag #TheFerragnez, thanks to the experience of his blog The Blonde Salad that he carried in his backpack, which employs more than a hundred people and He has won more than 12 million euros in recent times.

In 2021, the young businesswoman who has her own design brand and was herself the cover of renowned magazines presented the biopic at the Venice Film Festival “Chiara Ferragni: Unposted”and now a series –“The Ferragnez”– for the Amazon Prime Video platform, where throughout eight episodes she opens the curtain on her family anecdotes, but also on her role as an entrepreneur who knew how to take advantage of the fashion world through networks, and the different positions, those of each one, in the face of life itself.

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