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March 25, 2022
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NATO strengthens its unity and the G7 extends sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine

NATO strengthens its unity and the G7 extends sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) strengthened support for Ukraine and its unity against Russiawhile the G7 of the world’s leading economies announced new sanctions against Moscow.

At an extraordinary summit held in Brussels, the leaders of the NATO they condemned “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms,” ​​and heeded the Ukrainian president’s call for “unrestricted” military support.

The president of the USA, Joe BidenHe said that NATO is “more united than ever” and that it will “respond” if Russia resorts to chemical weapons.

According to a US official, NATO members were also evaluating the possible transfer of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, although she admitted that such a possibility presented “technical challenges”.

NATO countries “agreed to provide equipment to help Ukraine to protect themselves against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats”, informed the secretary general of the transatlantic alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.

At a news conference at the end of the summit, Stoltenberg refused to offer details of the war equipment that the military alliance would pass on to Ukrainian forces.

However, he noted that NATO leaders remained concerned with the possibility of Russia using chemical weaponsbiological or nuclear in Ukraine, and therefore decided to equip its forces on the eastern flank with equipment to deal with those scenarios.

“Unrestricted” help

Connected by videoconference, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, He explicitly asked the NATO countries to give Ukraine “1% of their planes, 1% of their tanks” to face the Russian invasion.

“To save people and our cities, Ukraine needs unrestricted military aidsaid the Ukrainian president, who argued that Russia “uses its entire arsenal against us.”

Zelensky demanded that NATO “save” Ukraine with “unrestricted military aid” that allows it to go from resistance to the offensive against the Russian troops that invaded his country exactly a month ago.

Increased penalties

In parallel, the G7 (Germany, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom) issued a statement where they promised to work together to “cut Russia’s ability to finance (…) the war of (Vladimir) Putin”.
The group recalled that “any transaction made in gold is covered by existing sanctions.”

In addition, the G7 formulated a call to review Russia’s space in international organizations, according to a senior US official.

The NATO and G7 summits included the participation of the US president.

The White House, meanwhile, announced that The US is willing to receive up to 100,000 Ukrainians flee from war.

Simultaneously, the US government reported that will unlock “more than 1,000 million dollars in additional financing” to reinforce humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The White House also announced massive sanctions against Russian politicians, tycoons and companies.


Russia was once again isolated in the UN General Assembly, where he worked to prevent the passage of a resolution, the second in less than a month, calling for an “immediate cessation” of Russian hostilities in Ukraine and an end to attacks on civilians.

With 140 votes in favor, 5 against and 38 abstentionsthe international community approved this new resolution presented by Ukraine, and promoted by Mexico and France, on the “humanitarian consequences of the Russian aggression”.

Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador and Nicaragua it was the countries of this part of the world that abstained from casting their vote. It is the third time that the Bolivian representation acts in the same way as far as the conflict is concerned. The Venezuelan delegation was unable to speak because they did not pay their dues and their right to vote was taken away.

The resolution “calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities by Russia against Ukraine, in particular attacks against civilians and civilian targets.”

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