They arrest the alleged leader of a gang in Pan de Azúcar in operation ‘Emperador’

Since the early hours of this Thursday, the National Police, in coordination with the Public Ministry, carried out some 16 search procedures in Panama East and Panama West, against a gang related to acts of homicide, personal injury, illegal possession of weapons and drugs.

The authorities reported that in the midst of these proceedings, the leader of the gang was arrested in the Pan de Azúcar sector, and he was transferred to the San Miguelito substation.

In the midst of these actions, until 10:00 am the National Police reported that they had apprehended 7 people allegedly linked to this criminal group, through the Emperor operation.

In addition, the authorities reported that, as part of Operation Genesis at the national level, some 222 people have been apprehended, of which 138 were detained by order of the competent authority, 51 for administrative offenses, 22 for flagrancy, 10 for micro-trafficking. and one for drug trafficking.

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