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The Central Romana completes an induction process for its workers

The inductions were carried out together with technicians from the Ministry of Labor.

The Central Romana sugar mill reported that it completed the induction and training process for its agricultural workers, prior to the start of its sugar operations with a view to the next 2021-2022 harvest.

As every year, the company summoned all the personnel who will work in the sugarcane areas to receive guidance about their rights and duties, given by the labor technicians of the Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Department of the company.

The induction session lasted four days, held in community centers located in the bateyes of the company’s agricultural divisions, and included educational talks on occupational safety and hygiene, eradication of child labor, human rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, among other issues, prior to the start of the sugarcane cutting and firing season.

About two thousand people were registered and instructed for jobs in the sugarcane areas.

“It has always been the best interest of Central Romana that its agricultural workforce is well informed about the working conditions, the benefits that are guaranteed to them as collaborators, and that they know well the philosophy of the company in its good practices towards the rights of the employee and zero tolerance for child labor ”highlighted Eladio Uribe, Corporate Director of Human Resources at Central Romana. The company also recognized the effort made by the staff of the Ministry of Labor, which annually joins the Central Romana induction program and monitors compliance with the regulations and provisions applied in induction throughout the year.

The program was headed by various personalities.

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