The Caasd carries out a day cleaning the canyons in Sto.  dgo.  East

The Caasd carries out a day cleaning the canyons in Sto. dgo. East

The Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (Caasd) carried out a simultaneous day to clean ravines in the Brisas del Ozama and Vieja Barquita sectors of the Santo Domingo Este municipality.

The general director of the CAASD, Felipe Suberví (Fellito), stressed that the simultaneous operation will raise the levels of health of the families that live in the surroundings of the tributaries of the demarcation.

He reported that in the operation, the CAASD brigades proceeded to eliminate waste in the tributaries, to prevent the spread of diseases in order to reduce contamination levels in the most vulnerable areas.

In this sense, he stressed that in addition to the cleaning work, fumigation was also carried out to prevent the spread of mosquitoes and other pests in the environment, and at the same time he stressed that actions are being carried out to protect the environment.

“We work to improve the environment of the population, in addition to carrying out actions that lead to citizen awareness about the responsibility of caring for the environment,” explained the official during the tour together with the mayor Manuel Jiménez and other authorities.

The engineer indicated that the cleaning work of ravines obeys a work schedule that is executed in combination with the different mayors of Greater Santo Domingo.

He pointed out that hundreds of collaborators from the institution’s Social Services Directorate participated in the event, as well as staff from the Santo Domingo Este mayor’s office and members of the different neighborhood associations in the area.

The director of the CAASD specified that the Corporation carried out the survey of 105 kilometers of ravines, of which more than 44 kilometers have been intervened at present.

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