The AN appoints magistrates of the TSJ today

The AN appoints magistrates of the TSJ today

Today at 11:30 in the morning, the National Assembly (AN) is scheduled to hold in ordinary session the debate for the selection of the new magistrates who will make up the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) after reforming the regulations carried out in January of this year.

According to what was reported last Tuesday, the President of the Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, “as of this moment (Tuesday) and in the next five days, the process of evaluation, discussion, conversation and consultation will begin so that in plenary the deputies of this Parliament choose the best, so that they fulfill the function of magistrates of the TSJ, of general inspector of courts and director of the school of the magistracy for the next 12 years”.

He stressed that “consequently deputies and deputies are summoned for Friday to ordinary session at 11:30 in the morning.” The Republican Moral Power delivered to the AN the list containing 254 names of lawyers who met the credentials.

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