Finamiga becomes UNI2 Microcredits to continue with its mission of financial inclusion

Finamiga becomes UNI2 Microcredits to continue with its mission of financial inclusion

This change is part of the company’s commitment to expand its reach and provide financing to more microentrepreneurs throughout Colombia.

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Finamiga, a company from Cali that grants microcredits to microentrepreneurs in different departments of the country, grew and matured, becoming today UNI2 Microcrédito to continue bringing the best offer of financial inclusion to independent workers.

With more than 8 years of experience, UNI2 Microcredit is currently one of the main providers of financial inclusion services in the country.

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Thanks to its innovative products and its focus on customer service, the microfinance institution has helped more than 50,000 microentrepreneurs to materialize their dreams and business objectives.

“Our new name reflects our dedication to facilitating access to quality financing for entrepreneurs and independents who want to improve their lives and that together we can help them build a better future for their families,” said Gabriel Mejía, Operations Manager.

In addition to changing its name, the financial institution was also positioned as the best portfolio in Colombia during 2021.

This, thanks to the support of its more than 200 collaborators, who work every day to bring financial inclusion to the most remote areas of the country.

Products that promote economic development

Since its creation, the company has been an example of perseverance and entrepreneurship in Colombia, serving more than 50,000 clients and reaching more than 100,000 million disbursed in loans for:

  • Independent micro businesses
  • Crops, animal husbandry and all activity related to the agricultural sector
  • utility vehicle
  • work motorcycle

UNI2 loans have competitive rates in the market, adapted to the needs of people who today are outside the offer of traditional banking services, offering access to credit to independent people, among whom are farmers, peasants, master builders, shopkeepers, manicurists, arepa vendors, among others.

Apart from access to microcredit, UNI2 It also provides its clients with financial education and training programs in order to provide greater opportunities to strengthen their personal finances and money management.

“This transformation will allow us to continue offering the best offer of financial products and services to microentrepreneurs and independents in various departments of the country. Thanks to our years of experience and unwavering commitment to our clients, we are convinced that with the new vision of UNI2 we can make a real difference in their lives”.

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