The 12 moments that marked 2022 in Mexico City

The 12 moments that marked 2022 in Mexico City

Records in the Zócalo

The Zócalo in Mexico City witnessed three records; two of them sports and one attending a free concert.

According to the CDMX government, more than 250,000 people attended the Grupo Firme concert in the capital’s Zócalo.

On Saturday, June 18, a massive boxing class was held, which sought to break the Guinness record in the matter and seize the throne from Russia, who won the title in 2017.

The massive Boxing class managed to gather 40,000 participants, but 14,299 managed to qualify and thus Mexico City earned a place in the world records.

On Sunday, September 25, the free concert by Grupo Firme was announced; the group offered a show that lasted about three hours and managed to gather 280,000 people.

The number of people who wanted to witness the concert was such that they even had to install giant screens on Avenida Juárez, Eje Central, the streets of Pino Suárez, November 20 and September 16.

Capital authorities described this event as the one that has gathered the most people in recent years.

In October, the Zócalo was the scene of another world record for the world’s largest fitness trampoline class that brought together 3,935 participants.

Uncover heading to the government headquarters

The year that is ending was one of political definitions with a view to the 2024 elections, where some opposition figures took the lead and announced their intention to participate in the internal process of their respective parties for the succession of Claudia Sheinbaum.

One of the first to raise her hand a couple of years ago was PAN Senator Xóchitl Gálvez.

In June 2022, the emecist also did it Solomon Chertorivskiformer health secretary during the six-year term of Felipe Calderón and current federal deputy.

On Thursday, October 6, the mayor of Benito Juárez, Santiago Taboada, He made public his “uncovering” for contending for the head of government. The PAN member expressed his intentions to create an opposition block to Morena that would include, in addition to the blue and white, the PRI and PRD, with whom an alliance was formed in 2021 and won eight mayors’ offices, and add Movimiento Ciudadano.

In October, Senator Kenia López Rabadán signed up as an option for her party’s internal contest, as well as Lía Limón, mayor of Álvaro Obregón in November.

On the morenista side, although they have not expressly stated their intentions to compete for the head of government, the mayoress of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada, began tours of other demarcations to show off their government achievements.

Sheinbaum announces wedding

At the end of November, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, revealed in a radio interview that she already has a wedding planned with Jesús María Tarriba, her current partner who was her university classmate and with whom she currently lives.

“We’re getting married. We already decided, we both decided, it’s something nice. Do not believe with an orchestra and everything, but we are going to get married, ”she explained.

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