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Cubalex: The “serious violations of human rights” continue on the island

MIAMI, United States. – During the month of November the critical situation of human rights in Cuba worsened, concluded the Cubalex Legal Information Center in your monthly report for the penultimate month of 2022just published.

“It was a period marked by the Cuba-United States bilateral negotiations, the municipal elections and the sinking of a boat with migrants in the Bahía Honda municipality (Artemisa province)”, specified the NGO in charge of providing legal advice.

Specifically during the recent “elections” of delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, the human rights defense organization recorded 26 incidents of repression in seven of the country’s 15 provinces, the majority in Havana and Matanzas.

The repression was focused on preventing electoral observation, despite the fact that there is no legal prohibition for it. At least 13 people were harassed through surveillance operations and home confinement.

According to Cubalex, the sustained state repression and the inability of the authorities to satisfy basic social needs such as the supply of electricity, medicine and food, continue to be the main obstacles for Cuban citizens to access a dignified life.

The organization registered incidents in 13 provinces and 38 municipalities of the country. Havana, Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba were the territories with the highest number of victims of the repression at the national level.

The practices applied by State agents, although they are mostly selective and individualized, involve entire families, the NGO also specified.

“The use of criminal law as an instrument of repression and criminalization of fundamental rights, mainly against human rights defenders, is the most used measure,” he concluded.

“The use of practices that constitute serious violations of human rights and that are likely to be considered torture techniques, a national and international crime, was maintained,” Cubalex also lamented.

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