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Teenage Slang: Translation for Parents


Slangs are a natural development of any speaking language. They might be words, abbreviations, or sentences. We (the elders) know some of them, such as ASAP and OMG! But you will be surprised by newer ones! Can you imagine the meaning of IYKYK? WYA? CAKE?! There is much to learn!

What is That?

Bet slang is an example. Can you imagine it means “Affirmative” or “Ok, confirmed”? The problem with modern slang is that they are not simple abbreviations or related words as we used to do in the past. Teens developed it to be secret because they don’t want parents or supervisors to understand.

There are a number of dangerous slang words that every parent should be concerned about, so in some cases, it would be necessary to create a list of keywords to block for parental control to be aware of the use of these words by your teenager. We can classify them into three main categories:


Abbreviations are the traditional form of slang we (the elders) can figure out if we think a little about it. Ex: HYD (how are you doing), OMG (oh my god), OMW (on my way), etc.

Complex words

Complex slang is a little more challenging, as it is a mix between two words(can be partial). Something like: Netflix and chill! Another example is No cap!

Hidden Meanings

It is slang in the most complicated form. You see a word you may know but don’t understand its meaning!

Beginner Slang Dictionary for Parents

It is crucial to learn! Teenagers might use slang names for weed, stripping clubs, and other prohibited activities.Still, some would only use it to sound cool, but can you tell if you don’t know the language? Here is your slang dictionary:

  • AMIRITE = Am I right?
  • WYA = Where are you?
  • ASL = Age, Sex, And Language.
  • IYKYK = See what I did?
  • lmao = Laughing too much
  • OPP = Opponent
  • FIT = Outfit
  • Hits different = Something or Someone Remarkable
  • Sleep on = Is to Overlook something
  • Netflix and chill = Hangout out together
  • No Cap = Not lying
  • Bet Slang = Affirmative or Ok, I agree
  • Sussy = Suspicious
  • Low key = easy/secret
  • Cake = big butt
  • Daddy = Sexy male
  • Drip = Stylish / Fashionable
  • Cursed = Mostly said about images/media that are unusual
  • Basic = ordinary
  • Plug = Connect with a drug dealer
  • Salty = To be bitter
  • Ship = Relationship
  • Swoop = picked up by car
  • Thicc = Having an attractive overweight body
  • Zaddy = Attractive man
  • Periodt = We finished talking
  • Extra = Too much drama
  • Shook = I am shocked
  • GOAT = Greatest of all time
  • Boujee = A person who buys expensive items
  • Simp = People Pleaser
  • Stan = Obsessive fan or loyal person
  • Slay = Good job
  • Woke = A person who reads a lot about social and political issues

Was That All?

No! That was only a glimpse of it. The total amount may have increased while you were asking your question! Teenagers and chatters will never stop developing newer ones to keep it low! Yet, there are three things you can do to get on that track:

Google it!

It will take one second to say “Hey Google” to your device. Search slang to know its meaning. Over time, you will understand the terminology of the matter.

Spend More Time With Kids

The same thing applies to all languages; you will learn them better if you stay with those who speak them! Spending more time with your teenagers will give you a better understanding of cap meaning slang.

Use Eyezy

Eyezy is the best phone tracker. You access everything on their phones with permission or using a stealth mode.


At first sight, slang may seem complex and too much to learn. But this idea can change once you start to learn. Eyezy can help you to set a keywords alert. So you will get an alert once they use something you learned!

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