Tacna: A man is abandoned on public roads after being "pepeado"

Tacna: A man is abandoned on public roads after being “pepeado”

A man allegedly “pepeado” was found today on a sidewalk on Puno street, near the intersection with Alto Lima street, in the vicinity of the Tacna Regional Directorate of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

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He was then rescued by the night watchmen of the Tacna Provincial Municipality (MPT) and transferred to the Hipólito Unanue Hospital Emergency in a fire ambulance.

I was foaming at the mouth

According to a neighbor, the 35-year-old man was taken out of a vehicle and left in the area, presumably after having shared with liquor in another place.

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MPT Citizen Security agents noticed that the person who was lying unconscious was foaming at the mouth and breathing with difficulty, for which they requested the support of the paramedics of Fire Company No. 24.

Police warn of “peperas”

The man was transferred to the local hospital and later, with the presence of a relative, he was identified as Álex GC, receiving the necessary medical attention and remaining in the Observation room.

“The man would have been doped. People are advised to be very careful when going to public places where the so-called ‘peperas’ are around,” said a police officer.

He was taken to the emergency area of ​​the Hipólito Unanue hospital. (Photo: Diffusion)

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