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Symphonic Ancestors: new album brings together the Alfonso family

The most recent record proposal of the multifaceted artist X Alfonso will be Symphonic Ancentersan album that will be released on digital platforms on May 27 and part of the iconic album Ancestorsfrom Synthesis35 years after its premiere.

The musician and composer summoned his family (Carlos Alfonso and Ele Valdés, their parents, and their sister Eme) in a phonogram that qualifies as a tribute and reinvention at the same time, turning the 10 original songs into a symphonic suite, with arrangements inspired by the works of authors linked to the history of the band such as Carlos and Ele themselves, in addition to Esteban Puebla, Lucía Huergo and X himself, a work that was advised by the musician, composer and conductor Leo Brouwer, National Music Award winner.

With regard to this new production (under the FACMusic label), Brouwer himself has specified that “X proposes a musical-cultural overlap (African songs, symphonic sound, gospel choirs, batá drums, current compositional language) leading to an aesthetic postmodern. The result? Insuperable! X shows off a remarkable experiential heritage, authentic with its roots”, specifies the prestigious artist.

Recorded between Portugal and Havana and mixed and mastered at El Cerrito Records, in San Francisco, in Ancestors Symphonic it will be possible to rediscover the legacy of Síntesis, now defined as a family love story with this new project where the Alfonso family reinvents itself with this new musical proposal.

Forty years with Synthesis

X himself specified to OnCuba that he was always attracted to symphonic music and “after doing this job I think I’m going to be busy making symphonic music for a while, which is something I really like”.

Síntesis is one of the most notable groups within Cuban music, pioneers in the fusion of Afro-Cuban ritual music with contemporary pop music (jazz, rock, electronic, folk, world music, Cuban popular genres), always based on the sound experimentation, a seal that has been able to transmit to the new generations of the Alfonso family.

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