Yina Calderón will have her own entertainment program

Yina Calderón will have her own entertainment program

Yina Calderón once again attracted attention on her social networks, this time due to the announcement of her own entertainment program in which she will talk about the lives of celebrities and all the controversies that revolve around them. For this, the former protagonist of Nuestra Tele has been traveling to the city of Medellín for the recordings.

It should be noted that not long ago, Calderón had announced that he would also have a reality show with plus-size women. However, this production that she spoke of has not come to light.

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About her new bet, the famous added that it will be named ‘Without mincing words’ and will be broadcast through Telemedellín. In addition, he announced that he will be together with the presenter Sergio Barbosa, with whom he seeks to compete with the other programs of this type of format.

“Yes, we are going to do Telemedellín’s gossip program, it’s called ‘Sin Pelos en la Lengua’, you’re going to love it. I promise to give my all, keep you informed. Which Network, I don’t even know everything, Telemedellín arrives with ‘ Without hairs on the tongue. A kiss, “added the famous.

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Opinions about the announcement of the famous have not been long in coming and are divided, because while some assure that since she is not from Antioquia and does not have experience in presentation, she should not bet on this new job. However, others applauded her new project.

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