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Today, Friday, the extension granted by the Highway Patrol to renew the vehicle authorization expires. From tomorrow they will go out to control and the fine for this infraction is G. 500,000.

Inspector Adolfo Ortega, head of the Highway Patrol, reported in an interview with Gen that, as of this Saturday, the road controls will begin in which they will require the authorization to date.

The deadline actually expired on June 30, but the institution granted an extension until July 15, that is, drivers have one last chance today to renew their documents.

“From 00:00 we are going to be controlling and sanctioning offenders who have not regularized,” said Ortega.

He explained that the fine for this offense amounts to five minimum wages, which, with the last salary update, is around 500,000 guaraníes. The procedure also requires the delay of the vehicle.

From there, five days of grace are granted to renew the license, after payment of the fine.

As for driver’s licenses, the Caminera no longer controls annual drilling, but it does control five-year expirations.

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