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Statement of the Colorado Party on the Court Prosecutor’s Office

Statement of the Colorado Party on the Court Prosecutor's Office

In view of the situation raised in relation to the Court Prosecutor’s Office, the Executive Committee of the Party declares:

1) That the characteristics of the public debate that has taken place between the Court Prosecutor himself and other prosecutors are institutionally worrisome.

2) That the constant presence of Prosecutors in networks and journalistic media is not considered pertinent, alluding both to judicial matters in process and to administrative situations.

3) Nor do they help the necessary independence of the judicial operation, both the change of a Prosecutor in the middle of a matter of public resonance and the maximalist political proposals, which contribute even more to the political drift of the situation.

4) That it is essential to find a path of understanding, for which purpose the Colorado Party opportunely presented in the Chamber of Deputies a project for the collegialization of the Court Prosecutor’s Office and now would propose adding a system of automatic integration of the body, analogous to the one that exists for the Supreme Court of Justice.

Montevideo, March 27, 2023

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