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SouTEC application can contribute to the qualification of students

Students who are at the end of elementary school or beginning of high school now have a tool to help them choose their professional career. It is an application called SouTEC, which offers a questionnaire with 72 questions and, based on the answers, indicates technical courses and study guides to qualify.SouTEC application can contribute to the qualification of students

The Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, presented the tool to students during a ceremony in the folder’s auditorium.

The SouTEC application was developed through a partnership between the Ministry of Education and the Federal University of Alagoas and the University of São Paulo. According to the director of Policies and Regulation of Vocational and Technological Education, Joelma Kremer, in addition to helping students, the tool can also assist in the elaboration of public policies.

To use SouTEC, students only need to inform their age and the city where they live. No other personal information is requested. The app is now available for free for phones and tablets. After downloading, it is possible to use SouTEC even if the student does not have access to the internet.

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