Possible alliance between Rodolfo Hernández and Sergio Fajardo falls for the second round

Possible alliance between Rodolfo Hernández and Sergio Fajardo falls for the second round

Although the presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez tried to find an agreement with Sergio Fajardo and his team for the second presidential round, that possibility was damaged.

This was confirmed by the engineer from the city of Medellín, where he went to watch the match between Atlético Nacional and Atlético Bucaramanga at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

“It was a courtesy that I wanted to do, but that is over, they want to change the entire program that won. Since our program won, we have to make ourselves respected because it is backed by six million Colombians who voted in favor of the program that we present,” he said in a statement he gave to Noticias Caracol.

In context: Fajardo, Amaya, Robledo and Cristo raised some red lines to support Rodolfo Hernández

In the most recent meeting held in the city of Bogotá, the ex-candidate Fajardo and some members of the defunct Centro Esperanza coalition, posed some conditions to win his support in the second round.

“We are working and if we manage to get to where we want to go, then of course I would vote for him, but we are building the agreement, none of us is in a hurry, each one of us has expressed their ideas and proposals and here we go”were Fajardo’s words at the end of the meeting he held in his house with the engineer.

Likewise, Carlos Amaya, Juan Fernando Cristo and Jorge RobledoThey had explained that the red lines raised to Rodolfo Hernández go through not decreeing the internal commotion, for respecting women, for desisting from the proposal to eliminate the embassies, to make a serious proposal against a negotiation with the ELN, among others.

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They also explained at the time that Another of the conditions that was raised is that no type of alliance with Uribismo can be accepted.

Senator Jorge Robledo had said that “this is not a project of Iván Duque’s continuity, that has already failed, the country has already rejected it, the country no longer wants the same people with the same ones governing and there are two projects for change and we are competing with each other”.

The former candidate Sergio Fajardo has not yet spoken about the frustrated alliance with the asoirante Rodolfo Hernández for the second presidential round.

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