Shopping tour: these are the new restrictions to go shopping in Argentina

Around 5 thousand Chileans visit Mendoza to make purchases in supermarkets and food and beverage wholesalers. It is worth mentioning that the large influx generally occurs practically every day of the week, not only on weekends. This is due to the exchange rate and the value of the dollar, which favors the weight of Chiliwhich invites thousands of tourists to cross the border that connects the Chilean capital with the province to go on a shopping tour.

It is a common postcard to see in the city of Mendoza, thousands of cars with Chilean patent in the different hypermarkets, supermarkets and other businesses in the Argentine province. In this sense, due to the large number of Chileans trying to enter the premises, the shopping centers established specific hours for tourists and another for Argentines. In any case, there is no shortage, as indicated by the owners.

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