Service Expansion

Service Expansion

Antel enabled 5G technology in the north of the country

As part of the process of turning on fifth generation technology (5G) radio bases throughout the national territory, the president of Antel, Gabriel Gurméndez, visited the city of Artigas, this Thursday the 13th, where the use of that system was enabled. On the occasion, he highlighted the leadership of the public company in the market and emphasized that it prioritizes the interior of the country.

During his visit to the department of Artigas, in which he was accompanied by Mayor Pablo Caram, the head of Antel pointed out that the launch of the 5G service places the company in a leadership position and affirmed that with this product it “connects to the Uruguayans with the future”.

On the other hand, he mentioned that the new generation of cellular technology is progressively installed in the 19 capitals of the country. In this sense, he highlighted the management’s emphasis on including all departments.

In a first stage, the city of Artigas will be covered and, later, other urban areas.


New connectivity points in towns of Artigas


In addition to enabling the aforementioned cellular technology in the departmental capital, the authorities presented new radio bases in the towns of Guayubirá, Paso del León and Sequeira. In this way, the inhabitants will see their internet connectivity optimized.

In this regard, Gurméndez stressed that the administration seeks to cover the different parts of the country where there is “great inequality” in access to telecommunications. As a result, he informed, currently, more than 100 towns in the interior have the service.


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