Senators see creating a new province makes no sense

Senators see creating a new province makes no sense

The senators Perremeistas Faride Raful and Antonio Taveras Guzmán declared yesterday that it would not make sense to create a new province before approving a territorial reorganization law in the Dominican Republic. They consider that a new demarcation would only serve to create new positions and increase the administrative bureaucracy.

The bloc’s spokeswoman senators of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), faride rafulstated that population density should not be the only criterion for creating a new province and that since the average number of inhabitants per province is 300,000, it would be necessary to create seven and eight new senators; new deputies and a government, which for her would be “crazy”.

“The creation of a province at the moment is nothing more than a distraction not to favor the territory but to create more political representation. Before talking about a new province We must debate and review whether the current ones meet requirements such as cohesion or habitability”, analyzed the legislator.

He admitted that there are problems of representation but that these are not resolved with the creation of new provinces and more bureaucracy.

She recalled that she chairs a bicameral commission that studies the territorial reorganization billinitiative that you believe must be approved before talking about creating a new province.

Precisely, the Perremeist senator for the province of Santo Domingo, Antonio Taveras Guzman declared to Free Journal that it would not make sense to create a new province and stressed that land use planning must “obey a vision of development of the territory and not a clientelistic and patrimonial vision.”

“No, it wouldn’t make sense. The province (Santo Domingo) has enormous potential due to its vast territory and its four million inhabitants”, express.

He assured that the government is promoting large infrastructure works that will transform the province, increase local and foreign investment and, therefore, generate new jobs.

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