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Senators approved the social security reform with votes from the ruling party

Senators approved the social security reform with votes from the ruling party

With votes from the ruling party, the The Chamber of Senators approved the social security reform on Wednesday night.

After six hours of discussion, the articles of the pension system reform were approved.

Now, with the general approval of last Tuesday and the articles of this Wednesday, the initiative will go to the Chamber of Deputies.

Despite voting against the project in general, the Broad Front voted in favor of 18 articles of the reform.

Those who spoke this Wednesday were the official senators Sergio Botana, Gustavo Penadés, Graciela Bianchi, Carmen Asiain, Juan Straneo (National Party); Raul Batlle and Carmen Sanguinetti (Colorado Party) and Guillermo Domenech and Raúl Lozano (Cabildo Abierto).

Senators Mario Bergara, Oscar Andrade, Alejandro Sánchez, Eduardo Brenta, José Nunes, Silvia Nane, Amanda Della Ventura, Lauro Menéndez, Liliam Kechichian and Oscar Curutchet spoke on behalf of the opposition.

At a press conference, the senators of the Broad Front held a press conference to explain the reasons for their vote. “We consider it unfair, because it falls on the workers and there are no other sectors that can help alleviate the deficit“, maintained the front senator Mario Bergara.

The project in general terms was approved last Tuesday with 18 votes in 30. The message of the ruling party was based primarily on the guidelines of the government when it presented the project: the present current system has a serious lack of financing, which will be aggravated by a very marked demographic change as a result of the drop in the birth rate and the increase in life expectancy of Uruguayans

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