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Maduro: The FANB forges loyal women and men for the vanguard

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Maduro: The FANB forges loyal women and men for the vanguard

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, welcomed this Wednesday the training work of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces with which this military institution instructs loyal women and men, and with moral solvency, to face the challenges that imply being at the forefront of defense wide of the country.

«The Bolivarian National Armed Forces is being forged under the new principles and values ​​of maximum morality, loyalty and love for the Homeland. Men and women at the forefront of the defense and protection of Venezuela,” Maduro said on Twitter.

In addition, the president urged to listen to the public when they express their needs, beyond any situation that is uncomfortable for those who have the duty to solve the deficiencies or hardships, he demanded contact with the common people by the authorities.

«You have to learn to listen, even when we don’t like what they tell us. You have to go to the catacombs of the town to attend to the needs. It is our commitment to Venezuela,” he said in another message on the same virtual network.

In a third twitter message, the head of state pointed out that Venezuela has fertile land on which it can support the production necessary for the takeoff of the economy hit by the criminal blockade imposed by the United States and its allies against the Caribbean nation. .

Accompanied by an audiovisual in which a pineapple producer presents the development of his planting, President Maduro assured in his message that Venezuela is “The best land in the world!”

“In Venezuela it is produced with love, passion and an immense desire to see our economy take off at the highest level, with our own efforts,” said the president.

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