Senator Rincón after meeting with Minister Siches: we are “neither government nor opposition, we are a force that represents 10% in the Senate and obviously we are incidents”

Senator Rincón after meeting with Minister Siches: we are "neither government nor opposition, we are a force that represents 10% in the Senate and obviously we are incidents"

Today at noon, the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Izkia Siches, received in La Moneda the head of the committee of senators of the Christian Democracy, Ximena Rincón, and the deputy head, Matías Walker to address an issue that afflicts the party, where they accuse the Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, of not talking with the DC caucus about the amnesty bill.

In this context, Rincón had previously given statements to CNNChile this Monday, shedding light on what his bench colleagues had been perceiving within the first month of Gabriel Boric’s government.

“This type of attitude in which Minister Segpres does not talk with the DC bench”, whose representation in the Senate is 10%, and that “the President of the Republic, I understand, has held a big meeting on Friday with all its government parties but to date it has not invited us to talk separately, because we understand that we are not a government, it makes us think that the government would like to take us into the opposition,” he said, echoing the words made by the Senator Huenchumilla last Sunday: “The government is doing everything possible so that we become the opposition.”

The only party of the former Concertación that is not part of the administration of President Gabriel Boric, resents that it is excluded, since, although the government is made up of two coalitions, I Approve Dignity and Democratic Socialism, the Executive knows that it needs more alliances to be able to carry out their projects and reforms in Congress that they stipulate in their programmatic grid.

Given this background, the meeting took place in the palace of La Moneda, where Rincón assured that “this invitation from the minister realizes that the government needs everyone to be able to carry out its agenda” and specified that the meeting carried out by a requirement to the Constitutional Court, “by decree 125 of the previous government in the matter of refugees”.

“In a coordinated action with the minister, we asked for an extension so that they obviously had time to review the issue, and I think it was a very good meeting because we share the principles of this issue, we share that the legislative power cannot be affected in these subjects,” he added.

The senator emphasized: “we are independent of the government, neither of the government nor of the opposition, we are a force that represents 10% in the Senate and obviously we are incidents.”

Walker, for his part, stressed that “we are not part of the government, but from the places where the citizens elected us, we are going to collaborate so that Chile does well, with a sense of greatness, of responsibility, but understanding that Chile is not part of zero, with respect to democratic institutions.” Along these lines, he expressed that as a community they do not agree with the “refoundational” theses of the parliament.

Another point that was addressed at the meeting was issues related to security, which the media have recently marked on their agendas due to violent incidents throughout the country, such as what happened last Friday in the first Confech march where a policeman shot a student.

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According to Walker’s words, they asked Minister Siches to “empower” the Carabineros with regard to the fight against drug trafficking, mainly.

Along these lines, they stressed “giving confidence to the Carabineros to carry out their work of safeguarding order and security to face one of the main phenomena and scourges that we have in our country, which is delinquency, organized crime and drug trafficking.” .

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