El milagro no se está dando, aunque Colombia gana y Perú derrota desde temprano a Paraguay

The miracle is not happening, although Colombia wins and Peru defeats Paraguay early

The only thing that helps the Colombian National Team to reach Qatar 2022 is to win and hope that Peru does not add three.

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The quota in the intercontinental playoff at this time has its own name, the Colombian National Team wins and Peru is defeating Paraguay at home by 2 goals to 0.

The ‘Tricolor’ that needs a victory and hope that Peru does not add the three points, received a bucket of cold water when the Italian, Peruvian nationalized, Gianluca Lapadula Vargas scored the first goal of the Incas.

The miracle is not happening, although Colombia wins and Peru defeats Paraguay early
Payroll with which Colombia came out

His annotation arrived only at minute 5 and in the Cachamay stadium in Puerto Ordaz, it was felt.

Bernardo Redín informed Professor Reinaldo Rueda of the entry in Lima.

Although the ‘tricolor’ wins, it does not achieve the playoff

Since the match began, the Colombian National Team came out with everything, but Venezuela was not far behind, they did not let themselves be drowned by the pressure and closed all the spaces.

One of the first arrivals occurred around minute 7, when Soteldo managed to get a cross headed by Rondón, but David Ospina took it without any mess.

Just a minute later came the first chance for the visitors, the carck Luis Díaz takes a powerful shot that former Millonarios Faríñez saved with difficulty.

Throughout the first half Colombia tried to dominate the match, there was caution but nothing clear.

In minutes 13 and 14 there were two new Colombian arrivals, but the local goalkeeper was immense.

Despair took over Colombia, they couldn’t make it happen and in Lima, Peru continued to defeat Paraguay.

At minute 19 Yangel Herrera almost converts into a powerful shot.

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The ‘tusa’, the greeting of the Colombian players with their former coach Pekerman

During the first half, the locals were equating the actions, to the point where they were about to open the scoring.

But the ball did not enter his only leading player, Salomón Rondón.

But at minute 44 a penalty arrives in favor of the ‘tricolor’ for an infraction inside the area on Borré. James goes and the local goalkeeper covers it.

But for being ahead, not stepping on the finish line they repeat it and finally James converts the 0-1 against Venezuela.

Peru continues in the playoff

At the close of the first half of the matches on the last date of the Conmebol Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, the National Team is being eliminated and Peru is left with the only pending quota, the playoff.

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