Senator Francisco Huenchumilla by minority of the Government in Congress: “It necessarily forces him to talk with all political forces”

The senator and vice president of the Senate, Francisco Huenchumilla, referred to his new role at the Corporation table for the year 2023 and emphasized that the main objective of the new leadership is to promote dialogue and reach agreements in a context in which the The Executive does not have majorities in either of the two houses of Congress to implement its reforms.

in conversation with Radio FutureHuenchumilla stated that “reality tells us that the Government does not have a majority in Parliament, and therefore this necessarily forces it to talk with all the political forces. And what we, the institutional authorities, have to do is facilitate that dialogue”.

“Then it is up to the Government, with this facilitation scenario that we put in place, to make every effort, through legal and political mechanisms, to seek agreements on the great issues that the country has, such as security, how to have certainty in a fiscal pact, resolve the issue of pensions”, he added.

Along the same lines, the parliamentarian insisted on his call to the Executive, assuring that “the first thing is to keep in mind that the Senate, the political parties and the Government, their political responsibility consists in managing relations between human beings. And the method of politics is to talk, dialogue, and seek agreements”.

In addition to the above, the vice president of the Corporation affirmed that “that passing the steamroller does not exist” and that “the Government is not in a position to pass any steamroller because it does not have majorities in either the Senate or the Chamber. And we are with a Chamber of Deputies that is very fragmented into different political parties, so here the path is agreement”.

“Does that mean giving in? Yes. Does it mean that you can’t go as far as you want to go? It’s true. But in life one has to have a sense of realism. How you go, because things in life are gradual. And the reforms are gradual,” said Senator Huenchumilla.

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