Senator Daniel Núñez summons the right after the death of Sergeant Olivares: “I do not accept that the right says that we are responsible for the delegitimization of Carabineros”

The senator of the Communist Party (PC), Daniel Núñez, addressed the death of the second sergeant of the Carabineros, Rita Olivares, who lost her life in the middle of a police control in Quilpué. In this sense, he called on the opposition so that it does not endorse them with the responsibility of delegitimizing the institution.

In conversation with “To the Bread Bread” of The counterthe parliamentarian pointed out that “I do not accept that the right says that we are responsible for the delegitimization of the Carabineros.”

Along the same lines, the legislator recalled that said problem “had to do with the behavior of the high command of the Carabineros, with the famous ‘Pacogate’. The scandals in which a former general director like Bruno Villalobos threw millions of pesos in the expenses reserved for the pockets. The entire leadership of the Carabineros was involved in these financial scandals, and obviously that generated a questioning from the citizenry”.

“The second thing is the unfortunate human rights violations that occurred during the social outbreak and involved the Carabineros, and that had to be denounced for it to stop. We have young people with mutilated eyes, we have a senator who is blind, we have a young man who lost the view. What do you want us to shut up about these things”, he added.

It is in this framework that for the communist deputy “the right is trying to get political profit from this situation, and it seems to me that this is absolutely reprehensible, and at least I am not going to accept it and I am going to denounce it everywhere “.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parliamentarian concluded by giving “all the support to the Carabineros without any hesitation, all the support to fight crime, drug traffickers, so that they can use their service weapons when their lives are at risk, when there is someone that escapes the procedures”.

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